Friday, July 31, 2009

New Pet

Here is my new pet it is a aligator I bought this week. Hopefully it doesnt grow too fast I only have a 75 gallon tank.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well I haven't posted for quite some time now, mostly because nothing new to report. My side business took up all my spare time and I was not prepared for the high demand last year. I did take a week off and attended a dealer training in January. It was cool to see the new products that were unveiled and I worked with a few engineers to develop a new system suited to farmers in this area.

Here is one of my top selling products last year.

The best part about this product is that it can be put on nearly any vehicle with a steering wheel. Next part it can be moved from one vehicle to another in under 30 minutes if it has already been calibrated. I could go on and on mostly because I have spent a lot of nights and weekends installing them.
Here is a couple videos I recorded last fall while cutting wheat and using this Ez Steer product. It is amazing how much fatigue it reduces and the savings it induces. It saves time and fuel by harvesting straight points throughout the field and maximizing capacity. I also received great comments from the operators of the balers that baled the straw behind the combines. They enjoyed the straight lines and the time savings of the full pass windrows.

Here is a couple videos I found on my camera of harvesting potatoes. I discovered a way in the software to record load data using the same gps that drives the tractor. So we can tell how many acres it takes to load a truck and where in the field each truck was loaded.

Sorry about the quality of the videos I need to make a mount for my camera in my tractor and get a better camera. Anyway there is a glimpse of what occupies my time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is one of the products that I sell it not only steers the vehicle but records and varies the rate of fertilizer or chemical put on the crop. This makes it more efficiently and doing it automatically reduces fatigue of the operator. This product can also be installed in a harvester to record the yields so you can maximise the potential of the soil each season. The demand has been awesome and my part time job is turning into full time one but that is alright I guess. So next time you see incredibly straight crops you'll know a bit more about how they got that way.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Well since everyone posts pictures of their kids here are my pictures. His name is gus and he loves to go hunting with me. He is well trained at retrieving ducks and doesn't do to bad at phesants either. We dont get to do it often enough. He likes to hang out on the farm with me and loves to play fetch with with my nephews and niece. Anyway he keeps me company up here on the farm.

Well managing and keeping the crops irrigated keeps me out of trouble and busy. I have also started my own side business selling and servicing Gps units that steer tractors and other equiptment. The technology is amazing and so accurate that it saves every farmer money. So my busy life has chased away all girlfriends that once wanted to be my wife. So I guess I will just be a hermet that just lives up on the farm. This is a picture of where I live and work.